From a Hoarded Childhood,

To a happier, neater home

It's possible to turn things around.

If you grew up in hoarding or clutter, you may have missed out on the skills needed for success in adulthood. But you can learn and improve these skills!

In "The Stopwatch Method" I'll teach you my favorite method of tackling overwhelm so you can get started on the road to a calmer mind and a cleaner home today.

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    Inside you'll find...

    1. The scientific reason behind your feelings of overwhelm and task avoidance.

    2. The simple way to overcome these obstacles and tackle the tasks in your day.

    3. A handy tool to implement the method in your home today!

    Hi! I'm Belynda!

    Leaving the Nest, Escaping the Piles

    I grew up in a hoarding environment. Though I had loving parents that cared for most of my needs, the condition of my house made it hard to build the skills I needed as an adult.

    When I moved out, I longed to keep a neat home. But, even though I'd left behind the mess and anxiety of my hoarded childhood home, I couldn't seem to "get my act together."

    Order and calm seemed constantly beyond reach.

    But by researching the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and their effect on the developing brain, I came to understand the science behind the brain fog, exhaustion, and overwhelm I've struggled with over most of my adult life.

    I used what I learned to create tools for myself that would allow me have the home I always wanted. The Stopwatch Method was the first step in this process!

    I hope it helps you as it's helped me!